Friday, August 9, 2013


My Lilly Clare is getting baptized this Sunday on the feast of St. Clare of Assisi, her namesake! I am very excited because of this holy alignment, and also because her godparents-to-be are coming to stay with us for the weekend! I am trying to get everything cleaned up not only to have our house be habitable for those special people, but we're also having a little get-together on Sunday with some family members. I just wanted to take a little break from cleaning while the baby is taking a nap to share this.

This is the gift that I'm going to give to L.C.'s godparents.

I made this today, and I think it turned out amazingly cute. If my hubs wasn't so hostile to new crosses springing up in the house I would be tempted to keep it!

I just got 2 wooden pre-cut crosses at Hobby Lobby and spray painted them brown. After that dried I traced each one onto its respective scrapbooking paper and glued that to the front of each cross. Then I just wrapped some jute rope around the middle, added a St. Joseph and St. Clare medal, and done!

I think it cost me less than $10 for all the supplies, except the jute was a little pricey, but I have another project in mind for that.

I think it would be even better if I put some Mod Podge on top of the paper, but I doubt that's going to happen since I made my glue out of wood glue and I have no idea what color that will dry!

Well, baby's crying. Motherhood calls!

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