My name is Rachel, which means ewe in Hebrew. Glamorous, huh?

I'm a Catholic convert from paganism, wife to Oliver and mama to Lillian and a little bump. My life consists of wrangling Lillian, ignoring my college degrees, reading, sewing, cooking, living the frugal life, herding chickens and cats. I'm very good at ignoring the dust bunnies on the floor.

I usually write reflections about my life with God and the nitty gritty of Christian life in a mixed marriage. Occasionally there are cute pictures of babies and possibly cats.

"I should study and read and perhaps also write primarily with a view toward keeping my own relationship with God intact. If something is produced for others as well by my working in this way, so much the better. This is the monastic way of doing theology." - A Monk's Alphabet, Fr Jeremy Driscoll.

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